The Woman Wearing A Pearl Necklace.

This very classical picture portrays the model with poise and elegance. It is very mysterious and enigmatic, drawing the viewer into the intimate world of the subject. One wonders what is going through her mind and who or what may be diverting her attention.

It is a three-quarters pose (three-quarters of the head is shown.) The upswept hairstyle and positioning of the neck and shoulders enhance the display of the pearl jewelry.

Graphite pencil was the medium used. The shades ranged in value between the darkest dark of the hair and the light highlights of the jewelry and the eyes. The realistic style with which the image was rendered, provides more information about the subject and allows a glimpse of her personality.

The lustrous pearls, dazzling earring, diaphanous, gauze-like wrap and elegant couture convey a sense of extravagant luxury.

Thank you for your interest.

Elizabeth Sapre (Artist)