Oil Painting Of A Flower

Dear Viewer,

This is an oil-painting of a flower. However some people have told me that it looks like an iris. Whether or not this is an iris or an orchid, I cannot say. My source of inspiration was a photograph of the flower (not a painting) that I found in a Walter Foster art instruction publication which was useful to me during the early years of the development of my skill.

The profusion of delicate mauve blossoms are ornately adorned with a deep red central petal, a fitting backdrop for the white, heart-shaped center which is surrounded by bright yellow veins.

The picture was painted in the chiaroscuro style of extremes of contrast between light and dark. This has resulted in a very dramatic-looking picture, with emphasis placed upon the spectacular blooms that were the subject of the painting. The white centers of the flowers were built up with extra layers of paint in order to create an almost three dimensional appearance. You may also notice that the roughly textured background draws further attention to the smoothly painted blooms.

Thank you for taking time to enjoy this.


Elizabeth Sapre